Our Services
Claims Services

To ensure that injured workers receive the most appropriate treatments, nurse, pharmacist, and physician case managers work in teams with our claims examiners and a national network of health care providers to coordinate every aspect of a claim.

Loss Control and Safety Services

We have access to a national network of independent loss control consultants to deliver services to policyholders on an as needed or as required basis. To request loss control services, please send an email to LCservicecenter@sbic.com. Several safety publications are available for your use in our SeaBright Resource Library.

Medical Management Services

Our medical management services are distinguished by utilization and bill review results , local and national networks of carefully selected doctors, and an on-staff medical team that oversees the development, implementation, and performance of medical management programs. In addition, our pioneering BrightCure PDQ programĀ®* for complex claims was the first of its kind to combine ongoing physician oversight with predictive modeling to help injured workers receive the most appropriate treatment - and return to health and productivity as quickly as possible.