The SeaBright Claims Kit is designed to orient policyholders to SeaBright's policyholder services and online systems. Click on the name of any item below to download a pdf version.

Reporting an Accident: An explanation of the options for reporting an accident and opening a claim, instructions on accessing our BrightNotice Claim Reporting system, and a description of the forms and notices you may be required to use. Required state and federal forms are available in the "First Notice of Loss" section at the top of the Forms page.

Finding a Medical Provider: An introduction to SeaBright's BrightCure medical provider networks, plus instructions for enrolling in them and links to medical provider directories.

Tracking Claims and Getting Loss Runs: An explanation of how to track claims, print the different types of loss reports, and sign up for access to our BrightView Loss Information system or Compass system (for larger policyholders).

Reporting Payroll: An introduction to our Pay-by-Payroll program, which aligns premiums to actual payroll, plus instructions on how to sign up for our BrightSource Payroll Reporting system.

Paying Your Premium: How to pay your premium by mail or wire transfer based on the type of policy you have.

Required Forms and Notices: For required forms and notices relevant to your workers' compensation insurance policy, please email us at